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ONM Remembered – #163

“(trust the French)” from N64 Magazine issue 8 (November 1997)

ONM Remembered – #161

“The solid 3D characters are miles better than the flat ones you get in the cartoon.” from N64 Magazine issue 23 (December 1998)

“This is probably a stupid question, but do you hire real birds to make your chilli, or do you just get guys in costume?”

… I asked the canary wearing a chef’s hat. Today’s observation: I have no idea what last night’s dream was all about. It involved going go-carting with my friends; being invited to a group of medieval knights living in the mountains (who called themselves the Nigerian Knights, but had surprisingly few Nigerians); a group of […]

It don’t take any fuel ’cause the rocket’s in my pocket

Bloop. Some updates! There’s Games I Own reviews, some music, a couple of sprites, and a Bomberman update that could’ve been a lot more substantial if I had the patience to work on it. Recapping a game’s content in a blank, encyclopaedic manner only has its kicks for so long. Sometime!

“Who are you calling a you-you?”

I have been sleeping terribly these past few days, and feeling like rotten hell to boot. If there’s one upside from this, I’ve been having rather outlandish fanfiction-esque dreams relating to TV shows.

Les Gees!

I watched The Iron Giant last night. I’m in one of those miserable curmudgeon-y moods where I’m totally uninspired and a colossal bore and curse arbitrarily to myself (because that’s what bummed people do!), and as such I’m really disappointed that I don’t even have much to say about it. But I really quite enjoyed […]

Madsen Attacked!

I’ve been playing a lot of 24: The Game lately. I never really followed the show nor did I see it as the best damn thing to grace television since sliced bread (it is a little known fact that in 1964 sliced bread staged a takeover of all known television stations in Ukraine, and people […]

“We’re like the world’s gayest ninjas!”

Lost Planet 2 finished its rental yesterday. I was originally going to write my thoughts on it and ultimately I was finding it hard to make notes, but then I went into town and got the first instalment and two other games as part of a three-for-£20 offer in GAME. I’ll largely be talking about […]

The Deadening of the Deaded: Ultra Dead

Would you believe me if said I actually finally had an update after so many months of being a completely lazy arse face? If so, would you believe me if I said it was a large, extravagant update that totally makes up for my multi-month absence? If so, ha! It’s just a Random Action Hour […]

With additional dialogue by William Shakespeare

I began watching the first series of Blackadder a week or so ago and finished the last episode tonight. Although I’m not as familiar with the series as I’d like to be, I positively love Blackadder Goes Forth, and I always love seeing how series can start off so humbly. The series truly shines with […]