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You were only waiting for this moment to arise

Today’s observation: Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing a pigeon with a limp.

“[…] selected participants will receive a brand spankin’ new pair of Etna’s panties to wear or to just admire in all of their glory!”

Today’s observation: I don’t think I want to hang out with the games industry anymore. If I could just make my own games I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have anything to complain about anymore.

I still think Diglett has a protruding pink mouth

There’s a lot of things I don’t give a hoot about, but I love discussing them with people. I’d like to say that I enjoy discussing politics with similarly cynical people, but, well, no, I don’t. It’s an exercise in losing my will to live. What I do enjoy discussing, however, is Pok√©mon! With select […]

It’s hard not to make an insensitive celebrity death joke here

Y’know, I was always under the impression that musicians who leave a legacy always die in a manner befitting of their final days. Jimi Hendrix choked on his vomit because he was drugged on all kinds of stuff, Elvis died on the crapper due to the decay of his health, and I just read that […]

Machete vs. Scorcher

I watched Tropic Thunder with the folks. Padre was under the mistaken belief that it would be the perfect movie for mother to watch. Cue an opening scene where people are blown up, a man’s hands are reduced to charred stumps, and all manner of grotesque imagery. Still, I don’t think it was quite as […]

“It’s like turning your radio dial to K-I-L-L.”

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if that previous entry was the last one ever? Just been busy with work lately, so I wouldn’t be surprised if August slips us by without a single update. As always I’ve got a fair few ideas of stuff I want to do, it’s more just a matter of having the […]

Cause of death: Stabbed by a balloon

How did I manage to cut myself on a fucking ketchup bottle? Honest to god, I’ve got a feeling my purpose in life is just to find the bluntest objects in existence and then find a way to injure myself with them.

Alpha Mike Foxtrot

There are times, especially when I don’t watch the news, where every day feels the same and when I notice it my daily life almost feels like some kind of unbelievably boring time loop. Like Groundhog Day, except I’m making vain comparisons to a film I haven’t even seen. It really doesn’t help that it […]

An ample amount of observations

Today’s observation: I have only just discovered that the diarrhoea song actually goes “it’s hot and it’s runny and it’s not very funny.” For all my life it was “and it’s very very funny.” Kind of explains a lot about myself. Today’s lingual observation: Man, what’s up with the word diarrhoea? It’s already an awkward […]

Who wants to hear the nags of an indecisive webmaster?

Haven’t been up to much at all lately, I’m afraid. Life is mildly busy – mildly busy in the sense that I have stuff to do, even though said stuff is not exactly interesting, productive or even worth bothering with, but I guess just doing it is better than raising a stink about the issue. […]

R: The Flippered Duck

Random Hoo Haas has a second volume of unfinished works up. If anyone actually has the patience to finish reading any of them, let me know! Nothing terribly spectacular to talk about on the internet lately. Well, okay, I went to Portrush a couple of days ago to see a friend perform in a play; […]

More than you need to know

Today’s observation: Brushing your teeth when you’ve got a hair in your mouth is up there in my list of truly disgusting experiences.

The best laid plans of plugs and incompatible ports

I love old technology. I still believe old-timey cars are the handsomest automobiles that will ever exist, I much prefer the raw, non-streamlined look of old aircraft, and let’s face it, I’d sooner take an ancient kettle just for its display value than a modern one that, y’know, doesn’t blow up in your face if […]

Do people still make 24 jokes anymore?

So I went out this evening to learn a little about swifts. Pretty awesome birds! They’ve got tiny adorable little feet and beautiful crescent-like wings. Also they copulate in midair. Apparently they also sleep while flying! Someone wanted to know how anyone found that out, pondering if they were kidnapped and interrogated. I really, really […]

With additional dialogue by William Shakespeare

I began watching the first series of Blackadder a week or so ago and finished the last episode tonight. Although I’m not as familiar with the series as I’d like to be, I positively love Blackadder Goes Forth, and I always love seeing how series can start off so humbly. The series truly shines with […]

E3 and Outlander – which is better?

How about that E3, huh? How about it indeed. I haven’t been paying attention to it and it seems the Twitter feed is the only decent summary of all the games being shown, but quite frankly, I’m not terribly impressed save for a couple of notable highlights. Here’s a few thoughts!

“There’s no law against being a ninja!”

I’ve officially had this cold for over a week now and it still hasn’t fully cleared up. I hate the world! Also, just a head’s up, I’ll be away for a week starting from tomorrow. I’ve, uh, no idea where it is I’m going! It’s somewhere in the countryside, I guess, but that’s about as […]

UPDATE – Random Action Hour

Siege is up. It’s not quite as good as I remember, but it ain’t a bad episode. Today’s observation: I liked the weather more when it made people miserable.

Further adventures in hating the internet

Most online messages boards don’t just call user profiles “profiles” but title them “public profiles.” With capital letters, even! And then you are told this when you click them. Online society is destroying the basic definitions of the English language.

Planet Terror!

Survival is today’s Cadillacs And Dinosaurs episode. We’re getting ever so close to the conclusion! I watched Planet Terror last night. I was actually quite happy to just sit down and watch Theodore Rex, but padre suggested this one and I could hardly accept anything else once the decision was made. It’s Planet freakin’ Terror!