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Today’s observation: Has anyone ever made a recipe for a meat pizza? I’m not talking like pizza with meat toppings on it – I’m talking like a hunk of meat, a pork chop or something, that you’d treat like a pizza. Slather the top of it in mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, pepperoni, the works. Because, […]

An open letter to the spider on the washing line

You don’t need to put cobwebs on the clothes pegs. You don’t need to put any on my jeans, either. You don’t — look, no webs on the washing line, alright? It’s a good job you’re doing, and you seem like a really efficient worker, but it’s wasted out here. They’re mighty fine webs, but […]

Drunken Irishman correctly predicts end of the world

Bomberman Fantasy Race has been ported to the new layout. Not much actually new, but you don’t have to look at that awful dark green tiled backdrop any more. Watched The Birds. A few days ago I’d caught that episode of The Simpsons that parodies it with the babies in the daycare centre, and figured, […]

“This is probably a stupid question, but do you hire real birds to make your chilli, or do you just get guys in costume?”

… I asked the canary wearing a chef’s hat. Today’s observation: I have no idea what last night’s dream was all about. It involved going go-carting with my friends; being invited to a group of medieval knights living in the mountains (who called themselves the Nigerian Knights, but had surprisingly few Nigerians); a group of […]

Vestigial arms, romance and anatomy

Went to see John Carter last night. Had no expectations, but definitely enjoyed myself – it’s not the far-out, totally alien sci-fi experience I’ve been interested in seeing on the big screen, but it’s a fun ol’ romp with some fantastic eye candy. I’d be lying if I said I completely understood the story, though. […]


That sounds really awkward. Could you imagine going to a rental store and having a bunch of movie stars lurking about? Traipsing about and listening in on customer chatter? Uncomfortable. And restocking shelves is bad enough, but having to pat Hugh Jackman on the back and tell him that being in Happy Feet wasn’t a […]

Soupy twist

I spent New Years Eve watching the 2009 Sherlock Holmes with the folks, and just so happened to get invited to see the sequel with my uncle on New Years Day. I can’t really say much, it’s about what you’d expect if you saw the first one – the same kind of romping around, the […]

Snappy, happy monkey

I can owe a number of trivial audio-related parts of my life to the cassettes my dad would play while driving me to primary school years and years ago. Most importantly, it introduced me to The Goon Show, which probably led into my interest in radio production and absurdist humour. It introduced me to Flanders […]

Don’t look a gift mule in the mouth

I was going to say that I wouldn’t trust an equine wearing tights… but then I realised that was just the tint of its wings. I wouldn’t trust one wearing wings, either. Today’s observation: Replacing all usages of the word “epic” with “big ol’” makes it infinitely more charming. Kirby’s Big Ol’ Yarn. Big Ol’ […]

Teetotaller? I ‘ardly knew ‘er!

Just trying to wrap my head around life at the moment. Excuse the lack of activity. Today’s observation: For the longest time, I thought “teetotaller” was pronounced “tee-toe-tale-er”. Naturally I thought, why would you want to publicly identify as a non-alcoholic if the term for it was so goddamned dorky? Just today I discovered it’s […]

Bits and bobs and dibs and dots

I would prefer to have announced it with a relevant update, but I figure, why not – Otimusya lives! Yeah, he emailed me earlier in the week, and naturally, it took me several days to get around to reply to him because I’m a shiftless bugger. Basically, he said that he’d stumbled across my stuff […]


Hey guys I totally went to some flea market and there was a guy who said he worked at Nintendo and LOOK WHAT I GOT BIDDING STARTS AT 2K MONIES

Super Smash Ponies

I had a dream last night that Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic was a playable character in Smash Bros. Brawl. I wonder if my brain is trying to tell me something.

Sonic Colours made me sad

Finally got around to covering Resident Bongo on Random Action Hour. It’s actually got some good bits, but the rampant repeating of sound effects and voices just gets grating real fast.   So, I rented Super Street Fighter IV about two weeks ago. It took a while to get into, if just because I’m a […]

Ash is a goddamn robot!

I watched Alien five days ago. Yeah, I’m really dropping the ball on punctual blog entries these days. Mind you, what is there to say that more professional, more qualified and more verbose people haven’t already said? It’s insanely atmospheric and lonely, and I love it. The first hour very much reminded me of Life […]


Today’s observation: I now know there is a site called Awkward Boners. Thank you, Google AutoComplete. If it weren’t for you, I would’ve been spared that knowledge. (let’s see how long it takes before I get even more penile-related spam email!)

“You, go to hell. Here’s your ticket!”

Watched Bio Hunter. This was one of the many anime VHS tapes we had years and years ago (the batch of tapes that made my brother and I major fans of Ultimate Teacher and Cyber City Oedo 808, and also exposed us to the incredibly corny English dub of Laughing Target), but I’d never watched […]

“Do you have any more skeleton pirates?”

Pictured: The aftermath of having to babysit a ten-year-old whose family don’t believe in video games.

The Redeadening of the Undeaded: Super Dead

This was originally just going to be a reply to Greybob‘s comment on the previous entry, but it kind of spiralled out of control into an outrageously long ramble on everything tangentially related to what he said. And then I thought, well, why waste it in the comments box? Who even looks at those things, […]

Pumpkin mug!

Man, forget minimum wage! If photocopying stuff for close friends gets me paid with a pumpkin cup, I’m all for it. One thing concerns me, though…