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I still think Diglett has a protruding pink mouth

There’s a lot of things I don’t give a hoot about, but I love discussing them with people. I’d like to say that I enjoy discussing politics with similarly cynical people, but, well, no, I don’t. It’s an exercise in losing my will to live. What I do enjoy discussing, however, is Pokémon! With select […]

“Anyone with hair that long doesn’t have a life worth living.”

Watched Resident Evil: Degeneration. It’s a film full of slow-motion bullet tracking, stuff blowing up, needlessly dramatic emotional scenes and characters being unharmed after being punched across the room. Is it any surprise my dad considered it one of the best video game movie he’s seen so far? Like any good Resident Evil story, my […]

King of the Limbo!

So, I tried the demo of Limbo, some 2D platformer that people are claiming to be the new definition of artsy fartsy, all because it doesn’t have music or colour. (Thanks to Codie for reminding me how appropriate this picture is, and also how terrible my arms are)

Castlevania: Disenchantment of Multi-player Nonappearance

Castlevania: Harmony of something-beginning-with-D is out! And I only heard about it last month! So, what’s it like? Well thanks to the wonderful world of game demos I can’t actually tell, as I haven’t bought the game and the demo offers only the first level with Alucard as the sole playable character. I can get […]

Best climbing animation in an FPS: Turok Dinosaur Hunter

Long-time homebrew Sert (who you’ve probably seen referred to as Aodhán on the site but referring to people by their real names apparently isn’t hip these days) has set up yet another blog, Dual Screens and Caffeine Dreams. He’s precisely the kind of guy who I’d love to hype… if he actually had a site […]

Wake me up when the world explodes

I actually meant to get talking about Bomberman: Act Zero, like, the very day after that last blog entry, but I continue to astound myself with my overpowering sense of laziness. Has it seriously been nearly a week since my birthday? This entry, for instance, I’m trying to sit down and write it but I […]

You’re alive. Get to the next stage.

After over five weeks of avoiding responsibility, I finally made a characters and intro page for Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, as well as a comic comparison page which took longer than was necessary to make, but was a lot of fun. I hope reading about the show was close enough to the enjoyment I got from […]

The best laid plans of plugs and incompatible ports

I love old technology. I still believe old-timey cars are the handsomest automobiles that will ever exist, I much prefer the raw, non-streamlined look of old aircraft, and let’s face it, I’d sooner take an ancient kettle just for its display value than a modern one that, y’know, doesn’t blow up in your face if […]

E3 and Outlander – which is better?

How about that E3, huh? How about it indeed. I haven’t been paying attention to it and it seems the Twitter feed is the only decent summary of all the games being shown, but quite frankly, I’m not terribly impressed save for a couple of notable highlights. Here’s a few thoughts!

Mega Man 10

I finished Mega Man 10. I sure took my sweet time! I downloaded it over a week ago and didn’t get finishing it until today, whereas I’m pretty sure I finished Mega Man 9 fairly quickly.