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Metroid: Mother from another Mother (Mother)

I rented Metroid: Other M last week, and finished it yesterday. In the past I only got rentals for three days, but it seems Xtravision now allows you to rent stuff for a whole week. For £4, that’s not a bad deal, as a week is usually enough time to finish a modern game, or […]

My stick is nicer than yours.

It’s been a quiet month. I dedicated practically all of May into the grunt work for it, and since then it’s been a slow, tedious grind to fill out the rest of it, but the Puchi Carat shrine has been revamped. It’s one of those things I was really excited about working on, and now […]

Bits and bobs and dibs and dots

I would prefer to have announced it with a relevant update, but I figure, why not – Otimusya lives! Yeah, he emailed me earlier in the week, and naturally, it took me several days to get around to reply to him because I’m a shiftless bugger. Basically, he said that he’d stumbled across my stuff […]

“I’m huuuuuge!”

So, I returned Super Mario Galaxy 2 yesterday. I’d gotten around 36 stars and had reached World 4, I think. I enjoyed the game. Yeah.

The wobbliest sorceress in the woooorld!

Well, that was an interesting start to the day; being told there’s a pigeon in the garage. We had to cover the closed windows with rugs and other nonsense so it knew which of them was actually open, and didn’t brain itself when trying to fly out. All’s well that ends well.   So, how […]

This is paradise! (and it’s very nice!)

Watched Mad Max 2. Man, am I glad I did. So, remember the first Mad Max, where there was some degree of civilisation and Max had some kind of goal in life? Well, whoops, civilisation has only thinned out even more and Max is even more of a sullen, wandering soul. After stumbling across a […]


Site progress: Kinda sorta nearly done! It’s mostly just a manner of tying everything together and fixing up the loose ends, though that’s probably going to be a bit gruelling. I’m hoping to have to done and uploaded by mid-June, but we’ll see what happens. I’m a mite concerned that after nearly a year of […]

“We’re like the world’s gayest ninjas!”

Lost Planet 2 finished its rental yesterday. I was originally going to write my thoughts on it and ultimately I was finding it hard to make notes, but then I went into town and got the first instalment and two other games as part of a three-for-£20 offer in GAME. I’ll largely be talking about […]

Sonic Colours made me sad

Finally got around to covering Resident Bongo on Random Action Hour. It’s actually got some good bits, but the rampant repeating of sound effects and voices just gets grating real fast.   So, I rented Super Street Fighter IV about two weeks ago. It took a while to get into, if just because I’m a […]

Rental night!

Paid another visit to Xtravision today, where I rented Transformers: War for Cybertron, Prince of Egypt, and Space Chimps. The last one was at my father’s choice. He’s got a thing for all things simian. Just a head’s up – this entry’s gonna be looooong and largely about Transformers. Just a warning for the many […]

My curly moustache is in the making

I got vouchers for Xtravision around Christmas, and thought I’d be worthwhile actually making use of them, preferably to try other games that I’m interested in but unsure of buying, but hey, trying out movies I wouldn’t bother buying can’t hurt either. … can it? We watched Outcast. I didn’t even read the blurb in […]

This must be the Site B laboratory.

Possibly due to his new-found love for OutRun 2, my brother has had arcades on the mind lately, and this morning we decided to head over to Yorkgate and check out its sorely neglected arcade and bingo hall. We weren’t expecting much at all; we were well-prepared to just mosey around it for two minutes […]

Just a collection of antiques and curios

My brother is moving away soonish (I’ll miss you!) and thus has burdened me with looking after his SNES and Dreamcast. It seems to be a trait in my family (well, probably just my father’s side) that we hate throwing out old rubbish; sometimes it is literally rubbish (why the hell do I still haven […]

You can take the panda out of the jungle…

It’s headlines like this that make me pay attention to the world around me. Thank you, Yahoo! News. I wonder if I should ever bother with those “what have I been up to?” summaries when there’s a new entry after some absence, because lately it boils down to “bog all.” I’ve been playing Castlevania HD, […]

Aw, you’re all heart, sonny.

Given my status as a rampant Nintendo fanboy, you’d think I’d have talked about Donkey Kong Country Returns by now, right? I haven’t even so much as mentioned it since the time it was shown at E3, and the game’s been out, what, over two weeks now in the UK? Well, truth is, I only […]

“[…] selected participants will receive a brand spankin’ new pair of Etna’s panties to wear or to just admire in all of their glory!”

Today’s observation: I don’t think I want to hang out with the games industry anymore. If I could just make my own games I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have anything to complain about anymore.

Shark-mobile: Can it work?

So, before Sonic 4 sidetracked me, what newly bought game was I going to talk about two weeks ago? Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, that’s what! I finished Banjo-Tooie again recently (well, okay, I got all the Jiggies in Grunty Industries, and personally that’s enough of a trial for me to say I’ve beaten the game) […]

Sonic Made It Through Act 4!

I was going to talk a little about some games I’ve been playing lately (two recently bought, one I haven’t played in ten years), but then I realised, whoops, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 is out and I haven’t made any cynical remarks on it yet!

“Look, girls! It’s our boy with no pants!”

What horrible events have prevented me from updating the blog in a whole week? Not much. I’ve just been a bit of vegetable, really. You’ve heard it a dozen times – I want to be productive, but being a lazy bastard is just that much more appealing. Didn’t I say I was going to have […]

“And I kicked his ass so hard he saw the curvature of the Earth.”

I went to see Scott Pilgrim last night. While Resident Evil: Degeneration is a video game movie in atmosphere and overall vibe, Scott Pilgrim is effectively a video game movie in visuals, action, and general corniness. And it works so, so well. … do I really need to explain the story? I mean, I’m pretty […]