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“If I don’t play soon, I’ll die of boredom.”

Updated Scans & Bits with what you’d usually expect. More obscure Mario guff, rarities like some F-Zero and Landstalker manga, dumping raws on MEGA for the likes of Rockman ZX Advent, Ninja Turtles and Kirby, plus two new pages for game manuals and guidebooks.Oh, and the officially licensed Shrek manga. Yeah, I had a double-take […]

A Correction 65 Million Years in the Making

I’m a lazy bum and didn’t write blog posts for the last few updates, so let’s get it all in one go! MS:MIA has a few bits and pieces here and there: some unused graphics, remnants of a debug dipswitch in Advance, translated bits from the Metal Slug Official Guidebook, and a bit of general […]

Indy Bomber and the Ring of Wishes

Splurge! Metal Slug: Missing in Action’s got some relics from the first game’s development, plus some unfinished areas from Metal Slug 7. The Bomberman shrine has coverage for GB 2 and the DS game. As for Random Hoo Haas, there’s the penultimate chapter of the Zelda playthrough, and some waffling about the rest of the […]

Give a squid a home

No cash prize to hand out, I’m afraid – I went and found the unused Metal Slug Advance areas myself. There’s still a debug menu and a Slug Mariner to find, though, so if anyone in the audience has the hacking chops to find them, what are you waiting for?! The past couple of weeks […]

ONM Remembered – #165

“By all means chill out, but try not to crush that horse.” from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 122 (November 2002)

Get your pixels ready!

Quite proud of these. The scale gives me a headache, though – you wouldn’t believe how much grief I had over the size of Splash Woman’s head.

Metroid: Mother from another Mother (Mother)

I rented Metroid: Other M last week, and finished it yesterday. In the past I only got rentals for three days, but it seems Xtravision now allows you to rent stuff for a whole week. For £4, that’s not a bad deal, as a week is usually enough time to finish a modern game, or […]

In blandest day

Went to see Green Lantern. It’s a decent bit of eye candy. I admit I was a bit biased when watching it, as I’ve been keeping up a little with DC Comics’ reboot and their marketing strategies – namely, how they expect people who see the movies of their franchises will then want to read […]


I like things!* I received two packages in the mail today. One was Alleyway for the Game Boy, a game I already have on at least two multi-cartridges and isn’t anything exciting, but I bought it in hopes of the manual expanding upon the rather ridiculous story cooked up by the blurb on the back […]

Let’s Go Tango in Paris

It’s funny how bad I am at planning things. I’ll totally have the site redesign finished to a reasonably functional degree by the end of the year, sure! And here I am, with the redesign still in its planning stages, and a bazillion unfinished projects littered around me. For instance, this badge of a frighteningly […]

There’s no such thing as a free panda

Ugh. Designing a new layout for the various bits of the site isn’t too bad, and I’d dare say it’s actually mildly entertaining. Porting old content into the new layout is an entirely joyless affair that makes me want to cry, though. Why did I think this was a good idea? SITE UPDATES ARE POSTPONED […]

The Redeadening of the Undeaded: Super Dead

This was originally just going to be a reply to Greybob‘s comment on the previous entry, but it kind of spiralled out of control into an outrageously long ramble on everything tangentially related to what he said. And then I thought, well, why waste it in the comments box? Who even looks at those things, […]

The Deadening of the Deaded: Ultra Dead

Would you believe me if said I actually finally had an update after so many months of being a completely lazy arse face? If so, would you believe me if I said it was a large, extravagant update that totally makes up for my multi-month absence? If so, ha! It’s just a Random Action Hour […]

Pumpkin mug!

Man, forget minimum wage! If photocopying stuff for close friends gets me paid with a pumpkin cup, I’m all for it. One thing concerns me, though…

“And you’re just a fuckin’ cow.” “A fuckin’ cow. That can fuckin’ talk.”

Was roped into watching Shrooms. Okay, I exaggerate, my dad said he was keen on watching it and I didn’t really argue. It’s been a while since we’ve sat down and watched a film, and what better movie to get us back into the routine than a slasher flick set in Northern Ireland involving shroom […]

“Your wife has a lovely neck.”

I said I’d have an update prepared for October, didn’t I? I’m really sorry I haven’t anything to show. I am working on a couple of things, but I haven’t really had the motivation to do as much work on them as I’d like to, partly because my attempts at improving my web design skills […]

“[…] selected participants will receive a brand spankin’ new pair of Etna’s panties to wear or to just admire in all of their glory!”

Today’s observation: I don’t think I want to hang out with the games industry anymore. If I could just make my own games I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have anything to complain about anymore.

Shark-mobile: Can it work?

So, before Sonic 4 sidetracked me, what newly bought game was I going to talk about two weeks ago? Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, that’s what! I finished Banjo-Tooie again recently (well, okay, I got all the Jiggies in Grunty Industries, and personally that’s enough of a trial for me to say I’ve beaten the game) […]

“[…] classic sci-fi that will delight fans with its painstaking recreation of an alien world […]”

Lost and found? Yes, I’d like to know what happened to my weekend. October’s halfway over and nobody even told me? I am very unhappy with this, you guys! Mind you, I’m totally to blame. I’ve been trying to find a means of updating the Games I Own section so it’ll be easier to manage […]

Sonic Made It Through Act 4!

I was going to talk a little about some games I’ve been playing lately (two recently bought, one I haven’t played in ten years), but then I realised, whoops, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 is out and I haven’t made any cynical remarks on it yet!