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There’s no memorable dialogue to quote here!

Watched the last episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s first season. Not bad. Could’ve been worse. A bit ehhh, though. The end of days are approaching! The Master will reawaken and summon the Hellmouth, and shit will go down! Drama bombs galore! Sad to say, none of those bombs actually work well.

You have the right to be dead.

Lazy daaaays. Sometimes they’re violently depressing, sometimes they’re crazy awesome. Sometimes they’re just right. Today was of the third flavour! Mind you it’s not quite a lazy day since I was at work, but the fact I’ve done bog-all since getting home definitely gives it the vibe of one.

Welcome to the new blog!

It only took me about nearly a year of loitering around, procrastinating and pestering from Wes before I finally went ahead with it, and the final result is this – the Random Hoo Haas blog is on WordPress! Yes, it uses a frighteningly ugly default template and I’ve barely got testing it properly, but that […]

Buffy 1×09

I wasn’t really expecting an awful lot from the Buffy episode The Puppet Show, but I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe reading at least three friggin’ Goosebumps books on the subject of killer dummies has saturated my interest in that matter, but this one has just the right dose of twists, turns and great lines to […]

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1×08

I watched another episode of Buffy, where a demon is scanned into a computer and later made into a robot. It’s a pretty dated story – remember when computers were seen as complex and mysterious and people who used them in their everyday lives were seen as whacko freakjobs? And something as simple as talking […]

Evil Dead review + April Fools lamentations

Evil Dead review and another Buffy episode.