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ONM Remembered – #455

“Some of the motion-capture is outstanding and some of the moves even appear to connect! Crikey, Hudson – with this fighting game you are really spoiling us.”

from N64 Magazine issue 17 (July 1998) (Continued)

ONM Remembered – Pack-In Week, day 7

“Crumble, you ancient pillars! Feel Fox Power!”

from Lylat Wars Pilot’s Guide (pack-in with Official Nintendo Magazine issue 62, November 1997) (Continued)

ONM Remembered – Pack-In Week, day 6

“Biokinton is an enemy who throws flying chickens at Mario while floating around inside a cloud. Nobody knows what Biokinton looks like behind his cloud, not even Biokinton’s mum.”

from The Complete Mario Encyclopedia (pack-in with Official Nintendo Magazine issue 07, September 2006)

One of the later pack-ins, coming out after ONM had their big mid-2000s shake-up under new management, this was a more appropriate gift for the new millennium: a delightful little encyclopaedia to the Mario universe! Let’s face it, once the internet picked up groundswell there wasn’t much magazines could include on the cheap that seemed worth a damn; it was demo discs or bust.
Still, this is nicely bound and well printed and it’s just like The Mushroom Kingdom’s Mariopedia) except more tightly edited and not horribly unfinished. It’s a breezier read than trying to digest the Mario Wiki, and it has an entry for bloody Biokinton. They should win an award for that inclusion.

ONM Remembered – Pack-In Week, day 5

“But have no fear, loyal Kongsters, ‘cos your ONM tips book is here to guide you through even the toughest race…”

from Diddy Kong Racing Advanced Driver’s Manual (pack-in with Official Nintendo Magazine issue 64, December 1997) (Continued)

ONM Remembered – Pack-In Week, day 4

“Reset Button: This button resets your N64 if, for instance, you’re fed up to the back teeth with the somewhat lengthy ‘congratulations’ sequence in Mario Kart 64.”

from The Nintendo 64 Companion (pack-in with N64 Magazine issue 11, January 1998) (Continued)

ONM Remembered – Pack-In Week, day 3

“Miyamoto says he’d like to see penguins in all his N64 games. Fortunately these aren’t like Mario Kart‘s kamikaze fowl!”

from 64 Solutions: Pilot Wings / Wave Race (pack-in with 64 Magazine issue 14, April 1998) (Continued)

ONM Remembered – Pack-In Week, day 2

“Pelt the Mystery Ball to the right of Miss Warp 1 to expose Surprise Balls that lead you to a Warp Vase.”

from Yoshi’s Story Player’s Guide (pack-in with Official Nintendo Magazine issue 68, May 1998) (Continued)

ONM Remembered – Pack-In Week, day 1

Mario Kart 64 is the first N64 racing game to be released in the UK and, not surprisingly, it’s a cracker.”

from Mario Kart 64 Skids In! (pack-in with Official Nintendo Magazine issue 58, July 1997) (Continued)

ONM Remembered – prelude to Pack-In Week

“Very, very fast at top speed, but you’ll never get Tommy there, as he’s so fat that his cornering and acceleration don’t exist in this universe. Sorry Tommy, we defend anyone’s right to eat burgers all day (or Ginster’s Chicken and Mushroom Slices, in our case), but to be honest, you’re useless.”

from N64 Magazine issue 14 (April 1998) (Continued)

ONM Remembered – #455

“So, should you buy it? You’ll love it if you like Posh Spice videos – mainly the futuristic one. This has about the same amount of gameplay.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 132 (September 2003) (Continued)

ONM Remembered – #454

“Everybody knows discs can hold more graphics and music information, but are they able to deal with enemy A.I. as well as carts?”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 118 (July 2002) (Continued)

ONM Remembered – #453

“Galleon has a very unique and original look with some fantastically detailed scenery.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 121 (October 2002) (Continued)

ONM Remembered – #452

“Aww, stop choking on those teeth, you’re putting me off my game!”

from Super Play issue 8 (June 1993)

ONM Remembered – #451

“You’d have to be a wooden puppet with strings not to love this!”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 113 (February 2002) (Continued)

ONM Remembered – #450

“Card games with a Pok√© twist!”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 114 (March 2002) (Continued)

ONM Remembered – #449

“The game is mission-based, with objectives handed out at the start of each stage. These range from finding the secret entrance of a hideout to running away from a gang of deranged terrorists, girly-style.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 122 (November 2002) (Continued)

ONM Remembered – #448

“‘Where’s the D-Pad?’ we hear your cry. It’s sneakily concealed behind the centre panel, hidden by the tasteful Williams F1 logo.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 123 (December 2002) (Continued)

Some games I played in 2016

Wow, I’m punctual for once in my life! I admit after 2015 (which should be finished sometime soon-ish) I realised I’m running out of opinions even I could be bothered reading, so I figured a blog post with a few lines for each game would be enough. If there’s a game I really need to waffle about in detail, I’ll probably find an outlet for it, but until then, read on! (Continued)

ONM Remembered – #447

“A cracking shooter.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 132 (September 2003) (Continued)

Blast away and go, go, go!

Cramming it in before the new year, it’s a new Metal Slug: Missing in Action update! The real meat and potatoes is the overhauled concept art coverage, now serving as an art gallery for each game and sporting translations for a number of pieces, revealing factoids English fans otherwise never knew about. Or at least, it’s on a website now and not some long-buried forum post. It’s also made me realise we’ve been calling Duke Koudou “Parker” because that’s what Enomosiki called him all those years ago on the Metal Slug Database, and nobody’s thought to question it. Hmph!

I’ve probably said it before, but I’d like to include more general purpose Metal Slug information in the future, like a characters page, vehicle information, mission walkthroughs and other factoids – and try my best to cite sources on everything! I’d actually wanted this to be the first baby step towards that with a characters page, but I’d rather have something presentable than another horribly unfinished page lying around. Sometime, maybe! Until then you can check out the Metal Slug Wiki and ignore like 80% of what it says. Gimlet’s hobby certainly isn’t farting, I can tell you that for free.