ONM Remembered – #451

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“You’d have to be a wooden puppet with strings not to love this!”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 113 (February 2002)

Thunderbirds is one of those great British staples that’s much loved over here, but probably doesn’t pass muster overseas. On one hand, it’s a bunch of handsome lads in uniform driving giant ships and rescuing people with the help of super sleuth lady friend and a butler who sometimes gets possessed by his baldie evil twin! But on the other hand, it’s all told through the use of bobble-headed, stiff-limbed puppets. I’ve been raised on this stuff since I was in babby-pants so the very thought of acknowledging how off-putting it may be is totally foreign to me. It’s CHARMING, and don’t let me hear you describe it any other way!

It’s just a pity that the video game adaptations have all been a bit crummy. Despite the organisation being called International Rescue, practically all of the games feature the gang doing nothing but violently blasting baddies out of the sky. Helicopters, pterodactyls, malevolent oil silos: all out for the blood of the Tracy brothers, apparently! It’s nice of them to realise a whole game about rescuing dopey sods might get tiresome, show accuracy be damned, but the fact the soundtrack to this game is nothing but gunfire and the wail of falling bombs is more than a little off-putting, don’t you think?

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