ONM Remembered – #441

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“Try again? Oh, Aero Gauge, you are a wag.”

from N64 Magazine issue 17 (July 1998)

Yet another charmingly negative review from N64 Magazine. I haven’t played the game myself, and it doesn’t look bad, though I can’t say I’ve heard anything positive about it from anyone else either.

They do raise an interesting point, though: better racing games had already graced the console by this point (or were mere months away). Surely publishers and developers keep up with industry news to know if it’s worth bothering or not? It would be defeatist to say “our racing game’s no match for Extreme G!”, but you’d like to think these guys have an eye on what’s coming out when and what the library is like in each region. Mind you, the time it takes to manufacture all the cartridges, or even just secure publishing rights and pass through cert probably leaves no time to start asking around, “you don’t suppose we’re making a shitty game?”

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