ONM Remembered – #436

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“The whole thing looks so fantastic that you can almost touch the dirt, smell the exhaust fumes and feel every bump.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 95 (August 2000)

A review of Excitebike 64, one of those franchise revivals I never expected to happen so late in the N64’s life; despite being reviewed in 2000, it took another ten months for the game to arrive on our store shelves! Perhaps that’s why I never heard much talk about it.
It always stuck out like a sore thumb among Nintendo’s other franchise titles; where they were brightly-coloured and exotic-looking, this sure was… brown. The column for “the tracks” looks less like a highlight reel and more like a spot-the-difference. That said, it sounds like the most positively received of Left Field Production’s bike sims (“The biggest challenge found in this uninspiring BMX game is actually enjoying it.”), so maybe it’s worth a gander?

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