ONM Remembered – #394

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“You get given money and you have to decide how to spend it. Or you can spend it on girls, or Vodka Martinis.”

from N64 Magazine issue 17 (July 1998)

A couple of sterling game ideas sent in from N64 Magazine readers.
I imagine at least one 007 game has made steps towards the level of procedure and freedom James and Daniel expound upon, and I hear Alpha Protocol was one step towards the interrogation/communication angle, but there’s something nice and intangible about ideas on paper like this. The notion of booting up a game where the goal is to stop an international ring of criminals, smugglers and ne’er-do-wells, and spending all your time in the casino or the backseat of a car just amuses me.

Animal World 64 also sounds mighty nifty, if just because I’m still hungry for a regular old animal simulator, though Tokyo Jungle might have that genre covered. Not that I wouldn’t be amiss to a bit of competition to liven things up.

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