ONM Remembered – #385

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“We always knew that Forsaken was something very special.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 65 (February 1998)
(big ups to oldgamemags.com for the scans!)

No, seriously, it continues to boggle me how much page space Forsaken got that I have been oblivious to all these years. It even had this side-bar development diary, in this issue showing off some neat low-poly models of the game’s vehicles. Give me more of that, please. I’m a sucker for jaggies.
And apparently the game was a NOA darling to boot? “NoA loves Forsaken. […] Forsaken is the best third-party game they’ve ever seen for the Nintendo 64”?! Is there seriously something I’m missing?! Might I actually have to try out this game sometime? Clearly there’s a legitimate appeal to the game that mere magazines (and cheesecake pin-ups) cannot convey.

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