ONM Remembered – #367

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“Whoever came up with the idea of porting Wheel of Fortune to the N64 should be hurt.”

from Total 64 volume 1 issue 12 (unknown date)

The reviewers at Total 64 paint a target on their backs by daring to talk smack about the great American tradition that is Wheel of Fortune. Was it worth it, lads? When your backs are against the wall and Vanna White is revving her chainsaw, the canned applause beckoning her to paint the alley walls with your blood and entrails, you can ask yourself… was it worth a fate like this?

Perhaps what amuses me the most is Justin’s comment, which expresses doom and gloom over the ramifications of a game show adaptation being made for the N64. “Releasing games like this will surely damage Nintendo’s reputation.” “WOF will do more damage than good” in the name of ‘quality over quantity’.
First of all, settle, petal. I don’t think a dud or two was ever in danger of tanking the N64. (the extortionate launch price and long waits between first-party releases were doing that just fine) Secondly, it amuses me that long before people were crapping their pants in discontent over the questionable quality of the Wii’s software library, some bozo was applying the same argument to a console to the N64, of all things. There were barely enough games on that thing to start raising umbrage with shovelware!

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