ONM Remembered – #363

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“Everything that made the TV show so popular is in the game. Aside from the funny jokes, great animation and hilarious sound effects…”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 104 (May 2001)

One thing I loved about the end of the N64’s lifespan was the strange resurgence in cartoon licensed games. Tom & Jerry! Scooby Doo! Rugrats! Taz! Powerpuff Girls! Superman 64! I get the impression they were all kind of terrible, but they were almost charming in their attempts to recreate the look of the source material using nothing but jaggy models and bitty textures. Some of them did an admirable job – Fists of Furry included a bunch of characters, notable locations and even authentic looking Tom & Jerry title cards (but was missing the iconic theme for some reason???) – whereas some of them…

… well, let’s just say they tried.

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