ONM Remembered – #355

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“Presumably – if this is anything to go by – the Japanese game is played with a beach ball.”

from N64 Magazine issue 10 (Christmas 1997)

Would I be called a fake gamer nerd if I confessed I finally found a mild appreciation for sports? I was asked to keep score of a football game for a friend while he used the bathroom, and seeing the tug of war between players, the war of attrition over maintaining the ball, the roar of the crowd over last-minute saves and swerves… I could finally see what all the fuss was about! There wasn’t a single goal scored in forty minutes, mind you, but it was a tense and close match. I won’t call myself a fan just yet, but it held my interest without the need for power armour or flamethrowers, though having an enthusiastic live audience does help a great deal.
That said, man alive, the sport’s been around for a hundred odd years and you’d think they’d scale the pitches down a tad. Some blockhead would kick the ball to the other side of the pitch and the poor lads are probably thinking, “oh, now I have to run all the way over there now”. Take a cue from ice hockey and set those goals mere inches from each other, why doncha.

I also highlighted this because I absolutely adore those tiny, blocky little character models. Pity they weren’t in a better game, from the sounds of it!

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