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ONM Remembered – #349

“✓ Bangin’ Tunes ✓ Sounds warped ✓ Riffs made”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 114 (March 2002)

You’ve read my wishy-washy verdict, but what do ONM’s reviewers think of Pocket Music? From the looks of it, they give it a respectable rating. A solid little tool held back only by the hardware’s lousy sound quality and low volume.
I was actually hoping to unearth a whole subculture of sweet jams from this game on YouTube… but I’ve since learnt that this only saw release in Europe, so no such luck. On the bright side, it turns out this is actually just a crappy version of Music: Music Creation for PlayStation, which saw two sequels under the name of MTV Music Generator. It may not be portable, but now I have to explore that and see if there exists underground musicians making their livelihood off of 32-bit hardware. Those chumps with their Game Boys modded for chiptune can’t stay the top dogs forever!