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I spent ten minutes trying to think of a post title (and all I got was this lousy update)

Logged a couple of more chapters into the Legend of Zelda playthrough. I’ve finished the game already, so the final chapters are just awaiting a write-up. Expect to see them… sometime!

So, Random Hoo Haas turned ten years old a couple of months ago. I’m still not sure what to think about that! To be frank, I’m not even sure what my ambition with the website is these days. Am I trying to be funny? A reviewer? Informative? I’m no wiser than you are, pal. Leave a comment and clue me in!

I admit I enjoy just using it as a way to keep myself busy. An outlet for noodling away at whatever dumb project strikes my fancy. It’s not glamorous and it sure as heck ain’t consistent – who bets we’ll see more than three updates next year? – but I enjoy it when I treat it as a light-hearted distraction.
I, er, do apologise to everyone who’s bored stiff of Bomberman minutiae and my foggy recollections of games I play each year. Let me know what you want out of Random Hoo Haas, and I might take it into account when I’m not making foolish purchases!

I have zero plans for next year, and I might take an extended break or two, but there’s probably some dumb thing nobody asked for that I’ll just have to upload. Lookin’ forward to it!

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