ONM Remembered – #344

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“One day we’ll set up a proper little village and take pictures of it. Unless you write in threatening to kill us if you do.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 137 (February 2004)

uwaaaa~! These look adorable and like ten times cuter than the actual game they come from! I want a dozen!
The newly-released Animal Crossing Amiibos also look pretty adorbs, though their functionality isn’t winning me over much. If in twenty years the latest Animal Crossing game was a functioning playset that looked exactly like this, but was actually a living little town sitting on your desktop, I’d be hyped beyond belief for that. That’s what I want. Forget a pet, give me a little goat in slacks I can trade furniture with.

And that daft bit of hyperbole leads me to an absolute bananas question: does Animal Crossing necessarily need you to control a player character? Having only played the first one, I felt it struggled to balance the “enjoy yourself and have a leisurely time” aspect with the “everything in this village relies on you” part. Socialising with the villagers and other players is a focus, but I probably lack the imagination to get attached to the villagers, and interacting with other players for the longest time sounded either convoluted (sure, I’ll visit your village – I only need to bring my memory card, play your copy of the game and work through a dozen menus!) or outright dangerous to your save file, given the amount of game-breaking griefing I heard occurring in the DS version.
Frankly, I just wanna watch the cute little town run its course. Maybe ask me for some appleseeds or a toothpick once in a while. Basically like owning a fish tank, except it’ll trade you drillbits for tiny-sized gardening tools. That’s the game I want. :(

It’s hard to believe nearly two years ago I said this would be the final wave of ONM Remembered content, but… there’s still more to come! The column’s on hiatus again, and it’ll probably be some bottom-of-the-barrel stuff when we return. Please get excited!

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