ONM Remembered – #332

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“That’s wicked, Chris! But we reckon Herr Jigglypuff is a funny little critter in any language!”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 94 (July 2000)

Spice Games were a bit of a rarity at this point in the magazine’s life (and probably under a less dated moniker), but this particular letters page is bursting at the seams with game ideas from excitable ten year olds! A Mario-themed locked-door murder mystery! A 3D Pokémon game! A James Bond first-person shooter on handhelds! A Star Fox adventure with voice chat!

I was going to talk about how everyone and their mum wished for a 3D Pokémon adventure back in the day… but I guess that’s what we have now? I mean, it’s got cute 3D overworlds, the scope is still as big as ever, and it’s got an increasing emphasis on online communication and player interaction… which is about all we asked for back then, wasn’t it? Huh. I guess it sounded more exciting when you expected it to be on a disc or a chunky cartridge.

Also the idea of a Mario murder mystery cracks me up, if just for the mental image of Wario assassinating Yoshi by dropping a Thwomp on him.

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