ONM Remembered – #321

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“… letting you feel every red-hot bullet penetrating Bond’s soft flesh.”

from 64 Magazine volume 9 (1998)

On one hand this looks sweet as hell and would give me good reason to dig out some rumble-compatible games again… and on the other hand, this looks like a guaranteed vomit machine.

It tickles me knowing how much people valued rumble functionality in games so long ago – when was the last time anyone even talked about it? Boasting about how in-tune the rumbles were with the action in Lylat Wars was a freakin’ selling point, man! There was some outrage back when the PS3 didn’t include it, if I recall, but nowadays it’s one of those features that are a given but I hear no one actually talking about. The controller rumbles during Lost Planet 3‘s loading screens for no rhyme nor reason, and I have seen no one comment upon it. Had this been 1998 that would’ve knocked two points off its score, for sure.

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