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“What? Corny? My clothes? You need a lesson!”

It’s a pity to lose one of my favourite running gags, but it had to happen sometime – the Puchi Carat shrine has finally gotten updated! There’s newly translated information for each of the characters, a lot more research into the game pages, plus a big dumb wiki-like glossary page that involved less writing and more deciphering pixelated place names.
This wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t suddenly gotten two or three very nice emails about the shrine near the end of August; it tickles me knowing the game means a lot to folks out there, and that my dumb ol’ coverage of the site meant something to them. So I thought, dang it, let’s put my back into it again and get something done! To the Puchi Carat fans out there, thank you for your patience, hugs and kisses for your kind emails, and hopefully the update has been worth the wait. (and if not, shoot me an email or tweet me and tell me what it needs – feedback makes it all worthwhile!)

Mind you, since I’ve been living and breathing that game for weeks on end I can’t even tell what I’ve added to the site. I keep thinking to myself, “is that it? Is that all I’ve done? Wasn’t there more?” I probably remember the late nights more than what I did during them. Don’t make a website, kids.