ONM Remembered – #320

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“We think she’s on to ‘thumbthing’.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 116 (May 2002)

I don’t have the issue with the mentioned Triforce coverage, though I can’t imagine it had much to say we don’t already know: it’s that arcade board joint-produced by Namco, SEGA and Nintendo running on modified GameCube hardware, and had, like, six games on it? All anyone remembers are F-Zero AX and the two Mario Kart Arcade GP games, and only while screaming “when’s the home ports, Nintendo!?”

I would like to know the exact reasoning behind the idea – the column only mentions the declining popularity of arcades with western developers, but had they any intention of reaching international markets with these? It sounds like one of those quaint cross-communication ideas they experimented with in that era such as the GBA-to-GCN cable and e-Reader, only now you have an arcade that has these games, and hope it hasn’t been banged up to uselessness. Not a hopeful prospect outside if you’re outside Japan, from the sounds of it!

Also, shout-outs to everyone in the audience with big wonky thumbs – apparently we’re ahead of the curve in human evolution! Party on, dudes!

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