ONM Remembered – #313

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from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 114 (March 2002)

Talk about a novelty! I have zero music talent and little to no musical interest, but I’m a terrible person for getting excited over imagining how enthusiastic other people must be about niche tools like this. This one issue of Official Nintendo Magazine is the only media I’ve ever seen acknowledge this game’s existence, but I like to imagine out there, long ago, there was an aspiring musician who used this as their outlet before moving on to bigger things… or, who knows, maybe their music was so freakin’ sweet, and the game so freakin’ sweet, that this is still their tool of choice to this very day?

It’s possibilities like that that make me think Pocket Music was a novel and inspiring product to release on the Game Boy Advance, and not a terrible idea because have you heard the speakers on it recently? A car full of snakes has less hiss than those things.

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