ONM Remembered – Total Test Week, day 2

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“There aren’t many lookers in Nintendo 64 games, but these lovely ladies are sure to get yer pulse racin’…”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 85 (October 1999)

The last iteration of ONM’s Total Test I showcased was used from 1998. With such a small library, it had the space to break its reviews into the game’s premise, its selling point, its single and multi-player modes, and the overall consensus. But by 1999, the page count had shrank and the library had expanded, meaning each game got maybe two sentences, tops. Unless it scored over 90% in which case they’d break the rules a little, because that’s how the world works.

It’s still a great feature that I loved to check out, though. And if abbreviated game reviews weren’t your thing, then it had little sidebars included that might whet your whistle! Including spotlights on memorable bosses, exciting game moments, and… “Famous Five Nintendo babes.” I can’t tell if it’s meant to be sarcastic or not, but… welp.
(we all know Mrs. Boggy would fill all five slots anyway)

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