ONM Remembered – #301

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“New characters include Rabid Rabbit, the Disco Zombies, and Fatty Roswell, the owner of a chain of alien burger restaurants in the Happiness world.”

from N64 Magazine issue 17 (July 1998)

I think at this point I’m just scanning every damn preview of this game I can find. What can I say? It had a weird development cycle!

The content is much the same as the last preview, though with one new screen (of Jim interacting with a giant tube) and lots of nifty info nuggets. Apparently the game was planned to feature 6 worlds instead of 4 (we missed out on Aggression and Heroism), and mini-games would play a larger part: “surfing, flying, throwing, and bowling”. It gives the impression that pigboarding was to be used in more ways than just outstandingly lousy boss battles – perhaps we would have fought Psycrow and company in more inventive ways? Given how the game got delayed a year and a lot of these features got dropped, it doesn’t speak fondly of the developer. Shit happens, I guess.

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