ONM Remembered – #298

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from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 58 (July 1997)

My very first issue of ONM!
Did I even have a Nintendo 64 by the time I picked this up? I don’t know what rock I’d been living under, but seeing this was the very first time I’d even seen a video game magazine. Seeing Mario on the cover of a magazine – on an actual magazine rack!! – just blew me away, and ended up making me unreasonably excited for Mario Kart 64. So much so that I think I ended up guilting my dear old gran into giving me the money to buy it. Oh, the shenanigans one can get up to when your age is still in single-digits.
It might be the nostalgia speaking but it’s a pretty solid issue, featuring a beefy Space Silicon Valley preview that I’ve highlighted before, and the end of a multi-issue history of Mario feature that I have yet to get decent scans of. My copy’s gotten a little ratty over the years, I’m afraid!

It’s one day off, but this marks the third year anniversary of ONM Remembered. I’m holding off on the exclamation marks because it’s basically a celebration of me ignoring the rest of the site for all that time… and I don’t need to remind myself how overdue an update to the Puchi Carat shrine is, among other things! Sometime, buddy, sometime!

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