ONM Remembered – #297

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“The Wii Remote is so good it can even cook your dinner (well, not quite).”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 07 (September 2006)

First of all, my apologies for the exceptionally blurry scans. When ONM got bought out in 2006 they not only reset their issue numbering, they now made their magazines larger than A4, and thus too big for my scanner bed. The fiends!

A preview for the then-upcoming Nintendo Wii (mere months before its Christmas release!), with three of ONM’s top staff sampling the tech demos at Nintendo HQ.
The console is nearly ten years old now, and it’s tough to say what I even thought of the Wii then or now! Were motion controls worth getting excited about? Wii Sports is a fun bit of fluff, but aside from that I’m struggling to think of a game with motion controls that, if it didn’t exist, I couldn’t live without. All the games I played on it were basically the same as the old ones I played… just with waggly bits jammed in. I don’t know if that speaks badly about myself or the game design, mind you!

Also, what is this? Classy page design?! Sensible-looking reviewers!? I don’t buy ONM for schlubs who look like their opinions are reasonable – I buy it for people who pulled silly faces and became stuck that way! Take this back and don’t return until these guys could rival Jim Carrey. I’ll be waiting.

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