ONM Remembered – #295

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“WOW! Geodude is really Rocking the stadium tonight!”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 88 (January 2000)

ONM’s Pokémon section would sometimes bust out a theme, encouraging readers to send in fanart and comics of a specific Pokémon. This week’s theme: the ever-lovin’ rock-armed thing, Geodude!
… man, it’s not until you really look at the art do you realise what a freak Geodude is. I would not like to see a rock with a tongue. Eyeugh.

I cropped out the bottom of the page because this week’s Pokenut was someone’s brother dressed up like Ash, even down to the ridiculous anime haircut. I didn’t wish to be facilitating embarrassing blackmail, so I left it out. That being said, you know what issue to look for!

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