ONM Remembered – #294

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“Be careful! When you see our shots of Zelda and Pok√©mon, it’s very possible your brain will be singed and your bowels will fail you.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 97 (October 2000)
(page 88 is omitted, as it was featured in ONM Remembered #36)

Do I even need to mention that ONM were more than a little elated at the GameCube’s reveal? It was a very excitable magazine, for goodness sake.

This preview shows off designs and features that were altered before the product’s final release… and some that made it through but were subsequently ignored. Did anyone ever use those Broadband and LAN adaptors? The fact that Mario Kart: Double Dash!! supports up to 8 linked consoles (!!) still freakin’ boggles me, man. Why do you think no one ever talks about it?

I admit I’m still bummed that Super Mario 128 was never more than a tech demo. What kind of bananas crap could you get up to while controlling ten dozen Marios all at once?!
(i was about to suggest New Super Mario Bros. 128 could be a laugh but i guess that’s what Enough Plumbers is for)

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