ONM Remembered – #291

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“Strap yourself in for the most competitive, addictive, wide open racing action ever.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 58 (July 1997)

Only just now did I ponder to myself: is ONM Remembered the last remaining venue for complaining about video game ads in print media? I’m almost sure I recall stumbling across bunches of threads of that nature years ago in forums, but I wonder if I’m just deluding myself. Who talks about print media anymore?!

I think what I eventually wanted to say was: this is probably the kind of ad gamers want. No strange live-action interpretation of the in-game action. No allegories. No obtuse tucked-away allusions to what the freakin’ game is like. Just official renders slapped against a bright backdrop with big text; you know these guys already, here’s a tagline, why haven’t you bought the game already?
(admittedly this only works when it’s one of the biggest gaming franchises out there – Aero the Acrobat ain’t gonna turn heads without some wow factor, i’d bet)

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