ONM Remembered – #286

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“That 16 year old you were expecting could easily turn out to be a 45 year old pervert.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 113 (February 2002)

It’s to be expected that magazines can’t get prizes to give out all by themselves, hence this issue’s partnership with Electronics Boutique and the Home Office to offer some sweet swag. They provide the prizes, ONM gives them room to shill their services.

It’s… just a little upsetting that the first two things your eyes are drawn to on this page are “win a free GBA!” and “watch out for paedophiles.” It’s sound advice, especially nowadays when social media is darn near inescapable and pushed upon even primary school kids (and when even the most innocuous of children’s media can attract an unscrupulous community, to boot)… but, man, could they not have given the message its own page or something? I should be thrilled at the prospect of great prizes but instead I’m worried they’ll mail a paedophile to my door.

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