ONM Remembered – Staff Week, day 7

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“What would 64 Magazine’s illustrious staff look like rendered in manga form?”

from 64 Magazine volume 9 (1998)

Now this was a change – they actually got some original imagery for the staff page! Of the very, very few issues of 64 Magazine in my collection, I’m pretty sure this is the closest we ever got to seeing what the people behind it looked like. That said, if cutesy anime-style artwork isn’t even enough to make them presentable, perhaps it’s for the best their faces never darkened the pages.
(i’m kidding, i’m sure those folks were positively beautiful)

And that rounds up Staff Week! It’s, uh, probably the lousiest subject of a theme week so far (there could be worse, I’ll tell you that for free), but like everything on this dumb site, I just found it personally appealing in some way. I’d like to argue it served as a study in understanding graphic design and how different magazines approach creating a ‘brand’ for themselves and their staff… though it also helped burned through some backlog before the end of the quarter, so pick an answer! ONM Remembered will resume its usual schedule on Tuesday.

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