ONM Remembered – Staff Week, day 1

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“It isn’t worth buying any other magazines!”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 91 (April 2000), issue 92 (May 2000) and issue 104 (May 2001)

In case you forgot, this is sort of image you’d be greeted with in each new issue of ONM: a fish-eye lens photo of each and every member of staff pulling some stupid face and trying to look swaggy. It’s silly and childish but gosh darn if it ain’t charming as all heck. You’re probably tired of me saying it, but I thought it added a real chummy atmosphere to the magazine, y’know? Arguably the effort could’ve been better spent on meatier reviews rather than just seeing Tim Weaver’s head splashed across a half-dozen pages, but in those days it felt quite novel.
(admittedly i’ve some words to say about today’s culture of idolising games reviewers and personalities, but that’s another argument entirely)

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