ONM Remembered – #269

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“Thanks to: Viruses which leave only one person in the world, WCW fans, Adrian Weston, fair and frank discussion”

from N64 Pro issue 6 (April 1998)

I’ve highlighted the staff pages from two iterations of ONM before, and how its late-90s years were drop-dead keen on getting you acquainted with its writers and reviewers, and seeing how the other magazines do it feels so… empty. How am I supposed to connect with these reviewers if they’re using bitty football screenshots to represent themselves? Come on, lads, step up your game.

It’s time for another theme week: STAFF WEEK! Yes, I’m highlighting the bloody staff pages. These guys deserve a bit of recognition, alright?! Sure, I could do that by actually highlighting some of their decent writing or editing talents, but showing off their goofy mugs makes for a more amusing column in my book.

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