ONM Remembered – #264

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“I have to admit I have no idea what’s going on here. I guess it involves violence, though.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 58 (July 1998)

If it isn’t yet another fighting game preview, this time for WarGods! A five page preview that, for its unmistakable Midway musk, managed to look a wee bit nifty on pages like this. I’m struggling to determine why; is it the promotional art of characters that are a challenge to even identify? Is it the abundance of fluorescent green? If I had to hedge my bets, I’d pin it on the giant useless flavour text. “LOOKIN’ AT ME?”
It’s also mighty swell of them to spend five pages offering a nice meaty preview of the game, highlighting all its features and characters, before mentioning in a teeny little box at the end that it’s actually a crock of shit. Well, thanks for the exposure, I guess.

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