ONM Remembered – #263

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“Rare has gone and done it again. Dinosaur Planet is looking every bit an RPG classic. Watch out, Link!”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 94 (July 2000)

Dinosaur Planet‘s one of those games that never saw release as it was originally intended, and there’s still a bit of a fanbase for it – people digging up old screenshots and materials, researching and interviewing and trawling up every last morsel they can of the game before its evolution into Star Fox Adventures. Admittedly this kind of behaviour can get a bit tiresome – Sonic Xtreme was neat and all, but it would’ve been a novelty at best, fellas! So many people clamouring over Dinosaur Planet made me a bit embittered over it as well…
… but viewing these pages again wipes that all away. The screenshots can’t do it justice – that looks incredible for an N64 game. Even on inferior hardware the game was a beaut! Although this preview tells little of the character-switching dynamic between Krystal and Sabre, it sounds like a feature that could’ve been put to interesting use… had they gotten the development time they needed.

… shit, count me in on the bandwagon. Star Fox Adventures is a dodgy ride but a memorable one while it lasts, and seeing this only makes me wish the game could have been realised the way it was meant to be. Perhaps the combat wasn’t a total waste of time at one point in its development cycle!

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