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ONM Remembered – #237

“Imagine if you were ten and were asked to draw a sumo wrestler in 30 seconds using thick marker pens, it would look like the sumos in Oozumo.”

from N64 Pro issue 6 (April 1998)

A solid review from N64 Pro for Oozumo, a cute and quirky sumo game.
I’m almost certain I made a remark contradicting this way earlier in the column, but among the gaming mags I collected, N64 Pro was probably the one with the most memorable reviews. Not in the sense that years later I’d be gushing, gosh, those fellas did a bang-up job selling me on Iggy’s Wreckin’ Balls, but in the sense that it gave me a real feeling for what the game was like and what all the staff thought of it. The likes of ONM were more keen to offer the barest of gameplay information and a healthy heap of screenshots, but it served to excite more than educate, even if they did give a game a low score. The next post will serve as a demonstration, because sometimes I want ONM Remembered to make an example, y’know!
Also, this game makes me nostalgic for dumb and simple sports games with cute graphics. I’d kill for a chibi wrestling game with a ring set on the moon.