ONM Remembered – #226

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“Watch yo ass, Nintendoids!”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 66 (March 1998)

It’s a new year, and that can only mean one thing: more bloody Tonic Trouble footage! One thing I never told you before was that ONM Remembered actually has an invisible subtitle. If you bust out some ol’ fashioned internet x-rays, you’ll discover it really reads “ONM REMEMBERED: More shit about Tonic Trouble than even its developers would care about”.
What’s amusing about this is the highlight on movie scenes that’d play throughout the game, making the most of that 64DD disk space. Yeah, guess what, that didn’t happen. Those pre-rendered cutscenes got cut. However, I’m almost certain that clip at the bottom of the first page was available somewhere on the internet back then, either on a promotional website or even on a demo disc packaged with PC magazines. I might be thinking of an entirely different trailer, though.
Sometime in my life I might actually play the stupid game so I can say with certainty what didn’t make it into the game from these previews. Until then, all I can do is I can talk vaguely and dismissively about the game and hope Unseen64 does some all the investigating instead!

The second page highlights a strange, one-handed controller allegedly built for racing games with some totally gonzo button placement… and I was almost certain this was the same controller we saw the development process of back a year and a half ago… but no, that was a completely different one-handed controller allegedly built for racing games with totally gonzo button placement. Sometimes I forget how tame modern gaming is in comparison.
As for the rest of the news (just to be exhaustive!), VR3000 saw a release under the new title of S.C.A.R.S., Rampage: World Tour got released a mere three months after this issue (and going by the dates, and was probably already out in America by the time this ish hit shelves), and the 64DD did indeed have a modem, though not built-in; it was a cartridge you had to slot into the top.

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