ONM Remembered – #222

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“The hero has unusual taste in underwear”

from Total 64 issue 12 (unknown date)

Some coverage of then-upcoming games that ultimately never came to pass. It’s saying something that even when I was an ignorant kid, I thought the page design in this section was absolutely atrocious. Yes, let’s place thin white text against a fat blue grid. Had we not learnt from Geocities by this point?
I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen screens of Buggy Boogie in its later development, after dropping the cute googly-eyed ATV – and my golly, is it generic looking.
Spooky is one of those games where its screenshots have circulated around the unreleased games communities, but I’ve never read anything spectacular about it. It looks neat, but this preview does little to inspire me. I do love how gosh-darned video gamey it is. There’s no talk from the developers on what they wanted to bring to the table, or any unique inspirations they had on its development. A pitch like “you’re collecting shit across TEN LEVELS!!” was all you needed!

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