ONM Remembered – #220

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“On his adventures, Ed runs into a CD-worshipping village (evil, evil!)…”

from N64 Pro issue 5 (February 1998)

Even more early Tonic Trouble coverage, with absolutely no gameplay footage whatsoever! And it calls itself 80% completed – the cheek of it!

What it sorely lacks in imagery (compare this to N64 Magazine’s coverage just two months earlier – can you guess which magazine had an accomplished page designer?), the second page does make some amusing mentions of planned features, most of which amounted to naught, to my understanding: no multi-player mode was ever included, the 64DD release was quickly shit- canned, and although the game did receive a PC port, it was not presented with downloadable levels and characters from Ubisoft’s website. At least, I never heard about it.

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