ONM Remembered – #219

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“Even better, you can connect your GB to a PC to play Nectaris via e-mail. Amazing.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 68 (May 1998)

A page of Game Boy news, including the announcement of the Game Boy Color, talk of the Transfer Pak, even that dumb infra-red link system that never worked and no one ever talks about!

Being a stupid child, seeing all this talk of transferring data to the 64DD and connecting Game Boy games to the N64… all that mishmash of information did was give me the foolish delusion that inside every Game Boy game was a totally kickass, fully 3D version waiting to be unleashed. I was having dreams about playing Wario Land 2 in 3D that were so impressive they put the next ten years of video game advancements to shame. You can probably tell it didn’t turn out like that, though, but dang it, imagine if it did!

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