ONM Remembered – #217

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“Board stoopid”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 69 (June 1998)

I’m posting this not because I’ve played this, nor have I had any affinity for boarding games of the snow, air or water variety, but because it reminds me of a demo I had on the Dreamcast. Same basic idea: racing and pulling tricks on hoverboards and whatnot. Not a bad game, whatever it was, but if you lost any of the challenges, it would flash “LOSER” at the top of the screen…
… and it would never go away. It didn’t matter if you were just toying around on the ramps or actively participating in a new challenge, it kept flashing “LOSER”. Until you proved yourself a winner (or turned the game off), it would constantly remind you of your single failure at the top of the screen.
Whether you choose to interpret that as an allegory for self loathing or fodder for a creepypasta is up to you.

Also, I swear I’ve seen this artist’s work before, but since the game’s credits aren’t online I can’t identify them. Searching for “that one guy who draws people with giant ears and boobs-and-butts poses” probably won’t get me anywhere fast.

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