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ONM Remembered – #212

“It’s not this kind of typical Nintendo kiddie cutesy-bizarre character, it’s a bee with a big f*ck-off gun, y’know?” “And sunglasses.” “And sunglasses!”

from 64 Magazine volume 15 (18th June 1998)

A nice, in-depth little feature on Buck Bumble, showing off its most recent build with commentary from the designers, musician and programmers. I never really got into the game myself (though it’s 2-player football game was a surprising amount of fun), but reading stuff like this always makes me appreciate a game some more.

Because 64 Magazine is such a wonky size (it’s a bit wider than A4, but also a teensy bit shorter), the sides are a bit cut-off, but it should still be entirely readable. I was half-tempted to leave the pages at their original scanning resolution (and monstrous file size), if just because where else are you going to find high-definition Buck Bumble artwork in this day and age?