ONM Remembered – Pokémon Week II, day 5

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“You’ve got the Game Boy game, found all 150 Pokémon and watched the cartoon every day!…But you’re still not satisfied.”

from Pokémon Master Guide (1999)

When you’re all caught up in the hype of a fandom, dopey gadgets and flashy LEDs seem that much more enticing when it’s painted up like the fad of your choice… though they really knew how to scalp you. You’re paying £27 for not even real miniature pinball, but LED pinball? From Tiger Electronics, of all people? Gag me with a spoon, why doncha.

The toys at the bottom are pretty cute, though – I can speak from experience that the keychains were pretty nifty (even if the flashing light gimmick was really unnecessary, though it did make them indestructible as all get-out). I’m sad I missed out on the Pikachu clip-on, though. I wish all Pikachus looked like that. Rotund stub-limbed Pikachu is the best Pikachu.

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