ONM Remembered – Pokémon Week II, day 1

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“Unfortunately, these guys don’t carry much change in their Speedos, so you won’t make a lot of cash from fightin’ them.”

from Pokémon Master Guide (1999)

T’is but a sample of what the guide has to offer! Area maps; tips and pointers; checklists of available Pokémon; trivia, and lots and lots of images! There are never enough images!

As a basic walkthrough it’s good enough, though I’m sure pro players would scoff at its rather barebones approach to power levelling and tactics, but what really sells it is just how jam-packed the guide feels. It’s pretty irrelevant by now, but the full list of Pokémon, their movesets, the towns and locations you visit, as well as all these random snippets of useless trivia, it was a really unique way of being introduced to a franchise. I’d hardly the foggiest what an Omastar even was, but knowing it was once called Kargo made you think you’d learnt something.

I’m not sure if I love or hate how breezy the vernacular is in the guide. I’m willing to say it’s worth it just for marking a Pokémon’s rarity not as “common”, but “loads”. That just tickles me.

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