ONM Remembered – #202 – prelude to Pokémon Week II

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“How to train a kick ass Pokémon team”

from Pokémon Master Guide (1999)

The Official Nintendo Magazine Pokémon Master Guide!! This was the bee’s effin’ knees for a Poké-nut in the late 90s, though funnily enough, my brother and I hadn’t even got the Pokemon games when we picked this up. Like any other dopey kid of the era, we were swept up in all the hype, but we were hoping to find a source that’d just tell us a little something about the franchise: what it’s about, who these guys are – something with a little more detail (and credibility) than what you’d hear on the schoolyard. Instead it’s a hideously in-depth guide to the video games, and darn-near impenetrable to anyone who hasn’t played them. Well, that certainly forced its hand, didn’t it?
Mum, dad, in the off-chance you’re reading this, I can only apologise. We didn’t know what we were getting into!

These guides were littering the counter shelves of GAME (or was it still Electronics Boutique at that time?), and came with fancy shiny covers in both red and blue. It looks nicer in person, if you copy hasn’t been horribly man-handled for the past fifteen years.

All this week, more Pokémon crap! If you want to believe I’m topical, consider it a countdown until Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire hit European shores, and not just an excuse for me to blow through a stack of backlogged images.

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