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ONM Remembered – #199

“✓ City saved ✓ Brutes beaten up ✓ Damsel rescued”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 110 (November 2001)

A quick and simple review of Final Fight One for GBA. This was a great release on Capcom’s part, in my opinion – porting the arcade brawler to a handheld for the first time really brought it to life, allowing you to play a stage or two, revel in the pounding of punks, without having to actually sit down and play the whole thing in one session.
It makes me wish more of Capcom’s arcade games saw a portable release around this era, such as Black Tiger and Forgotten Worlds, but despite how rerelease-heavy Capcom were on the GBA, arcade games were a bridge too far, apparently. Pity!

Great lines in this review: “Sodon the double-sword swinging samurai.”
Notable absences: Making fun of the term “Extra Joy”. I can’t be the only one confounded by it, right?