ONM Remembered – #198

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from N64 Magazine issue 8 (November 1997)

Some very early footage of Earthworm Jim 3D! There’s a lot of weird and wonderful locales featured here, and only a scant few of them made it into the finished game – the ziplines between buildings, the columns over green ooze and the snowboarding sequence are nowhere to be seen in the final product, as far as I recall. They look a bit too comprehensive to just be mock-ups, but Jim looks a bit out-of-place to me – sometimes he looks blindingly white, and sometimes he looks like he has outlines, as if they rigged that promotional model and plopped him on some scenery. Who am I to say?
I almost wish these old levels could be dug up and restored in some way… but I also wish they could find a better game to put them in.

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