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ONM Remembered – #190

“Looks like Wario’s gonna have a head-to-head with a penguin.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 58 (July 1997)

The July 1997 issue of ONM featured a review of Mario Kart 64. The review isn’t much to write home about (it’s an Official Nintendo Magazine review of an official Nintendo game. What do you expect?), but the splash artwork is always a sight to see, if just because it seems like forever since Nintendo churned out lots of great action scenes like this. And outside of magazines like this, where else would you come across this piece of art? It’s commendable and a damned shame, the time and effort put into pieces like this that are so easily lost to time. It’s a minor note behind the crummy writing and laughing at Spice Games, but I like to use ONM Remembered to spotlight and preserve pieces like this.

ONM Remembered will be taking another break, but it’ll be back in a couple of months time for the final wave of content. Until then, have a pleasant new year, and stay safe on those roads, y’hear?

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  1. CarlMarksGuy wrote:

    Nooo, no more ONM for months?! Oh well, I’ll try to survive.

    The little flourishes in this picture are friggin’ AMAZING, though — what with Toad trapped in some kind of crystaline dodecahedron, and Mario evidently having the same ability as the leader of the Necromongers in “The Chronicles of Riddick” (to phase through reality in a blurry way).

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